Household economics

Posted by Troy on 28th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Currently, the Democrats are complaining that the cuts the Republicans want are too drastic.  However, these “cuts” are really just decreases in government rate of growth.

How would you react if your spouse started off spending an extra hundred dollars more ever month?  In January, they overspent $100, in February, they overspent $200, and in March they overspent by $300.  You do the finances and realize that you are going deeper and deeper in debt.  You talk to them about this, and they tell you, “Don’t worry, I’ll only go over by $350 in April instead of $400.”  Would you be happy about this answer?  Of course not.  There is no way you can get out of debt unless your spouse agrees to actually cut spending and keep cutting spending until you’re not overspending by a single penny.

The current plans have no value.  It doesn’t matter if we raise the debt ceiling or if we default if they do not plan on actually cutting spending and dedicating themselves to further, deep cuts.

Long Live the Constitution!

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