Hillary testifies on Benghazi

Posted by Troy on 23rd January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Of course, timelines show that she isn’t telling the whole truth, but this thing’s a farce and the media has been content to let it die.  She strikes me like an ultra-defensive teenager.  ”What does it matter at this point!  Four Americans are dead!”  Yes, and that is WHY it matters, isn’t it?  After all, if everyone had lived, then there wouldn’t be a problem.  I like that Rand Paul said what was true: she should have been relieved of office.  In fact, the fact that she wasn’t is proof positive that there is a cover up.  When you see a scandal and no one gets fired, it’s a cover up.

My take on what really happened is this: The ambassador asked for help.  He was ignored because the election was going on and they didn’t want to either interrupt the campaigning to deal with something or give the impression that Obama’s crown jewel (Libya) was in trouble.  It happened, and the embassy called for help.  The armed forces were told to stand down because, in a ends justify the means thought, it was better for everyone in that embassy to die than for us to start another armed conflict which could cause the deaths of thousands.   There were then attempts at cover ups because the people are too stupid to understand.

Actually, they are too intellectual to understand.  This is where moral relativism falls apart.  The logical choice, the “smart” choice, is the wrong choice.  We should have fought like hell for those men.

Long Live the Constitution!

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