Hillarious Hillary

Posted by Troy on 28th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

I got several good laughs tonight–in between thoughts of…”How long is this going to go on?  Doesn’t she realize that she gets worse and worse with each passing minute people have to listen to her?  How long is this going to go on… This must be what purgatory is like.”

I had avoided day 2 and 3 and most of day 4 of the Democratic National Convention after the joke of the first day.  It seemed like watching it was a waste of time, but I did turn in for her speech, and I’m glad I did!  It’s the first time I’ve seen such advanced animatronics!  She almost looked human except for the plastic smile and the forced emotional responses and robotic voice.  “I am human, bzzzt.”

It is hilarious that she thinks she can completely disassociate herself with her own policies and the policies of Barrack Obama.  “The world is a total mess…has nothing to do with our decisions or anything.  Just put me in.  I’ll continue Barracks reign, and things will get better.  I promise!”  When she talks about the military, all I can think about is the guys fighting in Benghazi, thinking all the while that help was coming, but no help was coming because sending help would have hurt her and Barrack’s future political elections.

I love the shout outs to the military and cops.  Veterans, of course, the Democrats have said are potential terrorists and have basically ignored veteran issues.  Cops are targeting blacks for execution.  But now that it’s election time, oh the military is a national treasure.  Cops do a dangerous and necessary job.  Such heroes…such heroes…

I like how she is trying to reinvent herself.  “No, really.  I care.  I’m warm and personable.”  No, you are not.  “Some people have a hard time trying to figure me out.”  No, we don’t.  It’s pretty easy.  You are a political windsock that goes wherever the wind is blowing to obtain personal power.  You then sell that power to the highest bidder to enrich yourself and your family.  You have built nothing on your own power.  Like all life-long politicians, you are essentially a con artist.  You con people into giving you power.  You then grift tax dollars and spend it in such a way to perpetuate your power by expanding the dependency class.  You are pretty much a sociopath with no human emotions and you view us as expendable morons.

Now, let me say this: you went overboard on the flags.  Wow, there’s not a single American flag on the stage on day one, and now everyone has a little flag to wave.  It’s laughable!  It’s just overcompensating.  How can you tell?  The chants are still Hil-la-ry, not U-S-A.  Don’t buy it.  And quit the damn crying.  My God!  I didn’t cry that much when my dad died.  It’s pathetic.  She is soooooo boring, so wooden.  She’s a terrible speaker.  Why must she screech so?  My dog heard her speak and busted through the window and ran into the night…I haven’t seen him since.  Trump is going to tear her apart when they share a stage.  I have to listen to this chick try to invoke the Founding Fathers when she’s more about FDR and Saul Alinsky.  She has no love for the Founders.  Period.

People have been saying that Trump only overtook Hillary because he got a “post-convention bump” and that the lead will disappear after Hillary’s post-convention bump.  I look forward to their explanations as to why there is no bump.  I can tell you why she will not get a bump.  People already know who Hillary is.  They have already made up their mind about her.  68% of Americans think that she is dishonest and untrustworthy.  Here’s the neat thing about trust.  Once you know someone, if you decide they are untrustworthy, you will not change your mind and trust them again.  They have earned your distrust.  Trump can earn people’s trust as people have based opinions about him from entertainers and other people mocking him.  The more they see of him, the more they may question these opinions.

Trump is going to win.  The neat thing is that I don’t even have to worry about being incorrect.  If Hillary wins, this country’s going to be in so much trouble, people gloating at me will be the least of concerns.

By the way, yeah, she wants to take away your guns.  “We have to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists…except for the ones that we give arms to.” (Fast and Furious/Libya/Syria)

Gawd, this bitch is so phony.  Just remember.  “Hil-la-ry” not “U-S-A.”

Long Live the Constitution!

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