Herman Cain smear job

Posted by Troy on 31st October 2011 in Current Events, Political

You can tell they are worried about the guy now.

The Left has started trying to tear Cain apart with allegations of sexual harassment by anonymous sources.  I saw Cain defend these positions on Greta tonight, and I have to say I believe he is completely innocent.  His facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of voice, verbal cues, and eye motions all point toward him telling the truth.  So he is either telling the truth of is a pathological/accomplished liar.

The Right is also trying to tear Cain apart by saying that he isn’t political enough and that he’s the new “anti-Romney/establishment” flavor.  I don’t believe that people are flocking to Cain just because he isn’t Romney (although, I have yet to meet a Romney supporter to had any positive thing to say about Romney other than they think he can beat Obama).  I think most people are going to him because he is just that damn likable.  You can’t help but like the guy.  He’s so positive and upbeat and only has the best to say about America.  The radio host I was listening to was really pushing Romney as the key to beating Obama.  What is the point of the Right picking a candidate that will please the Left if that person does not please the Right?  It just sounds silly, doesn’t it?  A caller pointed out that Romney flip-flops on everything and that he takes whatever position will get him elected in any given election.  The host said, “How else would a politician pick a position?”  The caller had no response.  Here is the response:  “They should pick a position that they have arrived at in the crucible of their conscience.  They should pick the position that they are proud of.  The one that they will stand for.  Picking a position just to get elected makes you a liar.  It shows a weakness of character, and this weakness will created other weaknesses when pressure is applied.”

Raisin’ Cain in 2012!

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