Healthcare Signup Deadline

Posted by Troy on 31st March 2014 in Current Events, Political

Today was the deadline (don’t worry, future extensions are coming as they will have to keep extending it and extending it until they reach the number they needed).  The administration likes to tout the numbers as being really high.  However, those numbers are including the expansion of Medicaid (ie, old people).  Another group that was prone to sign up were those with per-existing conditions.  In other words, those who would save money by signing up have signed up.  That’s basically the high cost people.  This will not lower the costs.  This will increase the cost of insurance across the board. The young, healthy people that fought so hard for it when they were in college are saying, “whoooooa, I don’t wanna pay for that!” and they are not buying in, thus destroying the very system they advocated so hard for.  Good one, morons!  Yes, you did this.  Sadly, this situation will just downward spiral from here.  Enjoy the ride.

Long Live the Constitution!

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