Gunrunner – Impeach Obama

Posted by Troy on 8th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Why is it that no one has the guts to impeach Obama?

He has continued the war in Libya without Congressional approval in defiance of the War Powers Act.

He offered a job to a politician for not running against Arlen Specter (although Bill Clinton took the fall for him, but this lie was about as believable as Anthony Wiener for crying out loud).

It is likely that he knew or even approved Fast and Furious or is covering it up (which is what they got Richard Nixon for).

Not only this, but the countless times he has empowered our enemies, weakened the united states, attacked our every economic system, and destroyed our currency.  Why is it no one has the guts to even mention getting rid of him?  I guess we were not ready for a black President if we are too afraid of being called a racist that we would stand all of this and not say a word.  Oh well.  Better luck in 2012 I guess.

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