God has more in store for John Edwards

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2012 in Current Events, Political

He actually said that about himself!  Yes, God does have more in store for you… you cheated on your wife as she was dying with cancer.

No one likes John Edwards.  He’s a social pariah now.  He is guilty as sin…but there is that whole reasonable doubt thing.  The fact of the matter is that he has that little margin of error.  There is a reasonable doubt that he didn’t know, but it was a slim margin.  I personally believe that a few people on the jury heard his daughter’s testimony, and it broke their hearts.  The mother is dead.  Are the children better off with their dad in jail?  Did his crime really hurt society?  Is it worth the $100,000 to keep him in jail every year?

No, this was the right decision, but take heart!  He is never going to hold public office again.  He will be the butt of every joke.  He is a social pariah when once he was a contender for the highest office in the world.  Finally, as he told us…God still has more in store for him.

Long Live the Constitution!

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