Five Gallon Bucket Control – Responsible, Common Sense Bucket Control

Posted by Troy on 8th January 2013 in Political

Did you know that 20 children drown in 5 gallon buckets each year?  I call “enough!”  Why is it that we live in such a country where people believe that it is their RIGHT to own a five gallon bucket?  The plastic technology that exists today allows for the proliferation of five gallon buckets in such a way that the Founding Fathers would not have foreseen.  They also probably assumed that parents would be attentive of their children.  Of course, the pro-five gallon bucket lobby would have you believe that parents should be responsible for their children and such deaths are merely accidents while denying the blood on their hands as they get rich selling these instruments of toddler death to the public.  They are so greedy that they actually sell these buckets as containers for other goods, thus forcing these death devices upon people who didn’t even want a five gallon bucket!  This must end now!  I will require funds, of course, to battle their lobby.  Please send me your donations made out to “Cash.”  Thank you.

We could save the same number of kids that died at Sandy Hook EVERY YEAR by outlawing these things.  I believe in the right to transport water from one location to another, but we need common sense bucket control to balance our individual rights and public safety.

Long Live the Constitution!

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