Fiscal Cliff

Posted by Troy on 31st December 2012 in Current Events, Political

Oh noes!  We’s went over the fiscal cliff!  Saves us Obama!

It’s all the House’s fault.  There’s no other players, of course, at least not according to the media.

Obama just don’t care.  He knows he has the Republican House right where he wants them.  If they fail to reach an agreement…bam!  Obama get’s his tax hikes.  He gets drastic cuts to the military.  He gets to then propose tax cuts.  Best of all, he gets to lay all the blame for everything at the House’s feet.  Look at it logically.  Why won’t the Senate play ball?  Why does Obama keep moving the finish line further and further away as the Republican’s try to deal with him?  It’s because he knows this fact.  I would even go so far as to say that he WANTED us to go over the cliff.  I do believe he is an agent of the Communist Party.  The real question is are the Democrats willing participants of Communism or have they been completely brainwashed and don’t even realize what they advocate is right out of the Communist Manifesto?

They were never going to cut the deal.  Even if the Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted, they still would have turned the offer down because doing so gives them the bonus of proposing tax cuts for everyone else and enables them to blame the Republicans for everything.  It’s brilliant, actually.  Hats off to them.

Long Live the Constitution!

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