Final Day of the Democratic National Convention

Posted by Troy on 6th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

What can I say?  No talk about QE3.  No talk about the deficit.  Instead, it would appear that we can spend to infinity.  No problem.  As long as it is done with good intentions, right?  We’ll keep businesses open, even if they can’t run the business right.  Even if the labor contracts are killing them.  Well let illegal aliens stay, as long as they vote Democrat when they’re given the full rights of citizenship.  Where did all this faux patriotism come from?  I’ve never heard the chant of USA USA at a Democratic meeting.  They seem fond of invoking the Founding Fathers.  That’s also something new for a Democratic function.  Query: what do the Democrats want that the Founding Fathers would have approved of?  Pretty much nothing, right?  Can you think of anything.

Here’s his argument.  Things were worse than he knew (hey, he couldn’t be bothered to look into the economy when he was a Senator, right?).  Things would be worse if it wasn’t for him.  If he’s not re-elected, things will go back downhill instead of progressing…right when things were just about to turn around.

Okay, so, basically, none of his arguments can be backed up.  GM is just in as much trouble as always.  They will eventually crash and burn.  We cannot continue spending on ALL THE HUNDRED PROGRAMS HE MENTIONED.  Finally, when all the provisions of Obamacare goes into effect in 2014, watch for a triple dip recession.  The economy will crash and burn.  2012: Capital Gains rates expire.  Those with gains will sell at 12/31/12 to save 25% on taxes.  This will crash the market.  2014, Companies are forced to buy insurance or pay a penalty.  Companies will do what they have to do.  They will fire people to get under the limit.  They will drop their health insurance (forcing people onto the government plan).  Or they will cut full time people down to part time to get out of it.  Those companies which cannot bear the costs will close up shop.  Unfortunately for those fired, there will not be jobs to replace the jobs lost because we will still be in a recession due to Obama’s attack on the capital gains rate.


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