Fast and Furious

Posted by Troy on 30th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

Director Melson has stepped down from his position in the Department of Justice for his part in the failed Fast and Furious operation.  Of course, he has another job waiting for him, so it’s not like it’s cost him anything.

Isn’t it interesting that about two years ago, they started to report that most of the guns used in crimes in Mexico were coming from the United States?  It’s rather coincidental that the happened to crop up shortly after Obama was elected.  It’s also interesting that the criminal element would choose to buy weapons from America at several hundred dollars a pop instead of buying a AK-47 on the black market for about $8.50 a pop (no joke there).

All of this was a coordinated effort to manufacture a crisis so that Obama could push for “common sense gun laws” or Agenda-21 or the UN’s Small Arms Treaty.  It failed miserably.  Now Melson is trying to cover for him.  This is why he is stepping down and getting another Federal job.  It’s the payoff.  If this was “for real” and Melson really was responsible, he would be fired.

Hopefully Congress will continue investigating this.  It will go all the way to the top.

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. dirtyb Says:

    Actually he was ATF (Alchol, Tobacco, FireArms) Director, was re-assigned to some job under the Dept of Justice. I guess he cannot be fired yet, as no proof has emerged he actually knew of the operations. Though, you can probably bet he did. He was just stupid to know better, and allowed Operation Fast and Furious to continue to operate, thinking nothing would go wrong. Then a U.S. border agent winds up dead, from a direct illegal sale of a firearm that was “sanction” by the operation.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    I’m a logical kind of guy. This, of course, does not work in a court of law, but I look at natural human behavior. This is my theory, Obama knew about this operation and probably ordered it himself. Here’s why I think this:

    If I were President, I would not be so nonchalant about an ATF operation that ended up with guns being in the hands of drug lords that killed Americans and caused an international incident with a neighboring country. If we weren’t the only badass military on this side of the planet, this the the kind of thing that causes wars.

    Given this, the President should have been outraged and ordered a complete investigation with the promise that all responsible parties would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Based upon these assumptions and beliefs, the President’s behavior does not fit into the logical reaction of a human being. The only conclusion is that he is a robot…or an alien. Yet, I jest. No, the only conclusion is that he knew and gave this operation his blessings.

    All Presidents do illegal stuff. This is why Ford pardoned Nixion. Reagan had Iran Contra. However, Obama has pissed all over the Constitution time and time again and used the Declaration of Independence as toliet tissue. He has done this with Obamacare, the bank buyout, the auto buyout, multitudes of executive orders with bypass the Constitution, using Regulations to bypass legislature, Libya, and the list could just keep going on.

    The fact of the matter is that he is a President, not an Emperor. The Left needs to understand that getting one of their members into that position doesn’t give them Emperor or even Prime Minister powers.

    Long Live the Constitution!

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