Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 9th November 2011 in Political

Here’s my impression of the candidates:

Santorum:  Who?  Sadly, I like what he says much of the time, but this guy is utterly forgettable.

Huntsman:  He had some good answers, but he still comes across as a politician who is willing to say whatever he needs to say to get your vote.  He is also too afraid to take a stand.

Perry:  Oh, poor Perry.  He needs to just call it quits.  When he fumbled for the third Department he would cut, it was just painful.  He is just inarticulate.  Worse than that, he has become afraid to take a stand.  He is viewing every question as a possible pitfall.

Bachman:  Bachman had some solid answers tonight, but she blends into the background.  She is close to being forgettable, and that’s not good.  She lacks the strength of presence to be President.

The top four:

Ron Paul: Ah, they refrained from having him talk about foreign politics inside national defense.  He really shone. 

Romney:  As slimy as I typically find the guy, he actually gave some really solid answers.  I still don’t trust him, but at least he’s stopped straddling every issue.

Cain:  Cain did great.  He gave some pretty strong answers on most of the questions.  He did have a couple of weaker answers, but above all, he was damn loveable.

Newt Gingrich:  Say what you will.  Every answer, a great answer.  Based solely on answers, he’s the strongest candidate.  The question is can he overcome the prejudice against him.

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