Congress of Children

Posted by Troy on 23rd June 2016 in Current Events, Political

I see adults, sitting around cross-legged, and I have to ask…is anyone else reminded of children?  Have some dignity, for crying out loud.  You are statesmen.  Get up and argue your case, calmly and rationally.  It was all political theater, of course.  I liked one Democrat that said, “We have to put it simply so that Americans can understand,” and I felt like it summed up how the politicians view us.  They view us as idiots that can’t take care of ourselves.  Or like Charlie Rangel that said that his voters didn’t need the Second Amendment to protect themselves…but of course Congress needs armed guards to protect them.  The reason is… you’re unimportant.  Why would you need to protect yourself?  But politicans…they’re important!  Of course they need to be protected.

It’s a lie, of course.  The politicians are completely unimportant.  It’s easy to replace them with people just as inept and just as corrupt.

Long Live the Constitution!

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