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Posted by Troy on 8th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Ya know, Matt Lauer did a pretty good job.  Trump easily won the night.  Hillary spoke so slowly and rambled.  She choose her words ever so carefully in regards to the emails.  This is the sign of someone that is doing their best not to lie while not really telling the truth.  She came off as unbelievable.  She also spent the vast bulk of her time talking bad about Trump, when she agreed not to do so at the start.  This means that the only thing she really brings to the table is “I’m not Trump.”  It’s very hard to win if all you can run on is that you are not the other person.  Trump, on the other hand, gave clear, concise answers.  He came across as confident and reserved.  He also spoke a lot more about his policies than Hillary did.

Long Live the Constitution!

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