CDC Director “We shouldn’t stop flights”

Posted by Troy on 15th October 2014 in Current Events, Political

In interviewing the CDC Director (Thomas Frieden), Megyn Kelly asked why we shouldn’t stop air traffic to West Africa (as a rational person would want to know).  Thomas Frieden responded that it would hurt our ability to help West Africa because it would hinder getting aid workers out of the area.  She asked about charter flights, and he seemed unable to understand how this would be a better solution (you know…less people going in and out of the country).

I guess my first reaction is: “____ West Africa.”  I’m serious, if the options are to help West Africa and put us at risk or let West Africa die…guess which one I’m going with.

So, why are they doing this?  There’s got to be something they are not telling us.  My gut is telling me that President Obama is committed to helping West Africa regardless of the consequences.  We are sending military people into this area.  It is pretty much guaranteed that some of them are going to contract Ebola.

Obama says we HAVE to help West Africa or Ebola will spread throughout all of Africa.  I guess my first reaction of “____ Africa” wouldn’t play well with him.  But let’s assume that he would counter with “But then it will spread all over the world and it will be just like Stephen King’s The Stand.”

I find that difficult to believe.  England, France, and a lot of other countries have cut off air travel to West Africa.  These are developed countries.  Don’t you think they would have medical experts that would warn them of an end of the world scenario?

Here’s what I believe:  I believe that Obama is dedicated to helping West Africa and is going to do it whatever the cost to do so.  However, just like his war on ISIS, he wants other countries to shoulder the load when it comes to manpower and financing the operation.  As such, he cannot shut down air travel.  If he does, it sends the wrong signal to the other countries he is trying to trick into paying to save a country that isn’t theirs.  He would be saying that the disease could be isolated.  He would also be saying that it is more important to protect the countries’ own citizens over helping the West Africans.

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Brent Says:

    The main reason I hear for not shutting down air traffic to West Africa is tracking. It is better to know someone is coming from one of these countries so that they can be screened and possibly quarantined. If air travel is shut down, what is to keep someone from going to another country and then flying to the US. Then no one would ever know they came from W. Africa.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    Again, the premise is that “Instead of just lying at the first screening point, we are going to make that person get on a bus and go to a different country and fly out from there.” Duncan went through the screening. It is clear that the screening is ineffective. A short term ban would help insure that Ebola does not spread to additional areas. The more contained a disease is, the easier it is to target it and prevent it from spreading.

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