Buying votes and suffering for Freedom

Posted by Troy on 19th November 2012 in Political

Romney has accused the Democratic party of buying votes.  Well… no duh!  That’s been their MO.  They break us up into little groups and then offer us some scrap that each one of us wants.  By doing so, they secure the votes of enough people that they get into power.  If you ask: what do they offer white males?  The answer is: moral superiority.  They offer the ability to atone for the sins of the past and claim moral superiority.

Well, it worked.  Instead of making policies that benefit AMERICA as a whole, we have decided to pay off each group separately at the cost of the whole.  Unfortunately, we are at the end of our debt rope.  We are about to hang ourselves.  When that happens, what will these groups do when their “benefits” end?  They will probably riot.

I take great offense at the term benefit.  It’s not benefit.  It’s redistribution.  It’s legal theft.  There are no benefits.  How can anyone have benefits from the government?  Aren’t we supposed to be equal in the eyes of the government?  No?

This will end.  At the end, Obama (or whatever Fascist is in power) will try to usurp the Constitution.  We must not let him.  We will have to suffer if we want to remain free.  I beg of you to remain free.  I beg of you to suffer.

Freedom is worth the cost.

Trust me.

Long Live the Constitution!

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