Budget: Ponder This

Posted by Troy on 7th April 2011 in Current Events, Political

Here’s a question for you to ponder:  How much of the federal budget do you think would get at least 50% approval if it were put to a national vote.  I’m sure the military would get 90% or so.  Roads?  Sure.  NPR?  Maybe, maybe not.  What about federally funded art?  Million dollar research grants to study the digestive enzymes of lobsters (I’ve actually read this one)?  I would guarantee that most of the stuff we spend money on probably is only getting 33% approval, so we have 67% coughing up dough for programs that the 33% wants.  Does that make sense?  In a way, it’s even worse.  Only about 50% of people pay taxes, so in some cases, the 33% of those getting what they want aren’t even kicking any money at all.

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  1. tammi Says:

    The budget is too huge and cumbersome for most people to even know what is in it. Too many special interest groups get allocations and no one ever knows where the money goes.

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