Bloomberg is a Fascist

Posted by Troy on 4th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

In a world where we throw around terms like extremist and socialist and Nazi, we have lost sight of what a Fascist looks like.  No, I’m not talking about the common definition which basically equates brutal governments to Fascism.  A lot of people say that Fascism is when the corporations run the government.  This too is wrong.  No, what makes for Fascism is when the government decides what the market should decide.  The government becomes the arbiter for all decisions from what should be reported to the price of a gallon of milk or the salary of those milking the cow.

Bloomberg is a Fascist.  Pure and simple.  First, he mandated how much salt you could consume.  Now he wants to control how much sugar you drink in the form of sodas.  He wants to pass a law that will prevent places from selling soft drinks in any size greater than 16 ounces.  The reason for this is that he is sick of obesity.  Obesity increases the amount of health risks the person faces and adds cost to our medical system.  Of course, a better solution might be to allow insurers to cancel your insurance once you exceed a certain BMI, but we can’t have insurers dropping problem clients, can we?  We can’t discriminate on conditions (pre-existing or otherwise).  Such a simple clause, “We agree to cover you as long as you maintain your premiums and do not exceed a BMI of 30.”  Of course, that would be terrible, so instead we are going to make sure someone with a BMI of 21 who is really thirsty can’t buy a 32 ounce drink with their own money.  We’ll also make sure lovers can’t buy one drink and split it between the two of them to save costs.  The fact of the matter is that obesity is almost always self-inflicted.  And yet, we insist on failing to account for personal responsibility.  Perhaps people would watch their weight more if they knew gaining five more pounds would nullify their medical benefits (and yeah, I’d include Medicare and Medicaid).  If someone refuses to do the bare minimum in taking care of themselves, why should taxpayers take care of them?

Bloomberg uses his network to dole out his ideology.  He attempts to impose his will on others.  He seeks to affect the legislation of other states and cities.  He believes that the people are too stupid to see what is good for them.   To Hell with sodas, what if he tried to do the same thing with steak?  The current serving size is three ounces for meat.  Could you imagine ordering a ribeye and they bring out a three ounce hunk of meat?  The argument he uses against sodas could equally be applied to steak or coffee or tea or ice cream or anything else.  What’s to prevent him from dictating that all meals must consist of at least 50% vegetables?  The same logic applies.

I’ve asked this before, and I’ll ask it again..why would anyone want to live in New York City right now?

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Bigphildog Says:

    Ley still would…… I dont know why anyone would vote for that clown

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