Bigger Threat: ISIS or America?

Posted by Troy on 8th October 2014 in Current Events, Political

Campus Reform did a segment where they walked around the campus of Harvard and asked students who was the greater threat to World Peace: ISIS or America?

Needless to say, they showed several students that said that America was the bigger threat to World Peace.  It is important to point out that this is an edited video.  There could have been hundreds of students that said ISIS.

In fairness, I think intellectual honesty demands the answer of “America.”  If you see the first guy (the one that is about to double pound two cups of coffee), you can tell that he really doesn’t want to say America, but America is a world power.  ISIS is a regional power.  If you are talking about World Peace vs Peace in the Middle East, then yes, America is the much bigger threat.  We could go off our rocker and attack China and Russia tomorrow and bam!  We have World War III.

Then there is the British girl.  I find it interesting that no one ever questions the “Why?” of anything.  She says we have destabilized the Middle East to protect our oil interests.  Just historically speaking, when has the Middle East EVER been stable?  They’re like your bipolar cousin that refuses to take their medication.  I doubt it will ever improve, honestly.  Do you think we got involved over there “just because?”  We can argue about the wisdom of getting involved long-term as opposed to taking market approaches.  However, doing so neglects history.  The Germans took over the Russian oil fields and tried to take the Middle East ones as well.  Had they succeeded, the Germans probably could have won the war.  This realization is probably what spurred our involvement in that messed up part of the world.  If the Middle East ever fell into our enemies hands (be it Muslim fundamentalists or dictators that allied themselves with our enemies), then we have a real problem (as would the rest of the free world).  Unfortunately, our short-term alliances with dictators led to the long-term hatred by the populaces of these places.  That being said, they probably would have hated us anyway, but that’s up for debate and discussion.  Again, we have never been popular in that part of the world and probably never will be.

I say that America is the greater threat to World Peace, but, for the last seventy years, we have also been the greatest force for World Peace.  Without the United States (and nuclear weapons), China and Russia would have tried to use their vast militaries to claim additional territory.  If they had the upper hand the way we did, the history of the world would have been much different.

Finally, no country or group is the greatest threat to World Peace.  The greatest threat to World Peace comes from human nature.  There never has been “World Peace,” and there never will be.  On the upside, democratic countries rarely go to war with each other.  This is the principle behind nation building in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The belief is that it is impossible to keep public support for any unnecessary war.  The common people rarely demand war, and will often vote out politicians that vote for war.  This is because it is the voters and their children who are on the front lines, fighting and dying.  As such, they are not going to support a war unless it is absolutely necessary.  Tyrants and dictators, on the other hand, maintain their power through fear and the strength of their military.  As such, they don’t care about public support.  This allows them to cave in to their darker desires and wreak havoc on the world stage.

Long Live the Constitution!

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