Beck – Pandering to Hillary Supporters

Posted by Troy on 18th August 2016 in Political

So last night, Bill O’Reilly inquired about Beck’s ratings these days after Beck’s been on a crusade against Trump.  Beck responded by saying that his ratings were up 25%.  I thought, “How the hell is that possible?”  Then I realized: After Hillary’s speech at the DNC, Beck spent 2 minutes talking about Hillary and 2 hours trashing Trump.  It made no sense to me at the time.  But now I know…Hillary supporters are tuning in to Beck to listen to him trash Trump.  I hate to break it to him, but after the election, these listeners will abandon him, and Trump supporters will not return after being called Nazi’s and stupid.  As such, Beck will either go the way of the dodo or will merely turn his coat and become as socialist-Leftist.  My dad used to call him a “monetary patriot.”  I think that is still true, so I look forward to his full conversion to socialist.

Long Live the Constitution!

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