At least he’s consistent

Posted by Troy on 17th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

On 9/11, a small group of Muslims hijacked a plane and killed 3,000 people.  Rather than focus on targeting likely terrorists or doing behavioral profiling or anything of the sort, we decided to infringe on everybody’s freedom of privacy.  Instead of being unfair to a small group, we will be unfair to everyone, and that is fair.  Now a man used a gun to kill 20 children.  Do we punish that one guy?  Do we try to target those individuals who are likely do do something like this?  Or do we be unfair to everyone by making harder for everyone to get a gun?  Fair is fair!  For the wrongs of one man, let us sacrifice our rights to the greater good!  For the collective!  Proletarians unite!

Long Live the Constitution!

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