Another Day of Idiots at the Democratic National Convention

Posted by Troy on 5th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

How telling is it that they had to take a vote to bring the word “God” back to the Convention.  Apparently snubbing the religion of 80% of the country was a bad move.  How funny is it that they had to take the vote three times?  It’s even funnier that the Democrats at the Convention were too stupid to take the hint and say “aye!”  You can hear the lady in the back ground say “Go ahead and do it anyway,” or something to that effect.  After it was announced that 2/3rds said yes, everyone booed.  There was no way more than 50% said “aye,” but there you go.  At least the Republicans didn’t have to take a vote to be able to say “God bless America.”

I won’t be shopping at Costco anytime soon.  Not that we have one around here anyway, but if we did…  Is this what the American Spirit has been reduced to?  ”Anyone can succeed with a lot of hard work, a little luck, and a little help from their neighbors and their country.”  What the hell is that?!  When did that creep in?  It’s sickening.  As now we have have to have help to succeed.  I guess you can’t keep a good man down as long as he had some financial assistance from the taxpayers.  Right?

I’m sick of labor unions.  Please show me one Republican that is for the abolition of labor unions?  They just want to end the practice of forcing people to join unions.  The time of unions have come and gone.  The unions should be put back in the toolbox as any good tool after its usefulness has worn out, to be brought back out if the need arises.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the typewriter makers?  Oh, their time came and went?  Right.  So we closed the plants.  Do we keep on making stuff that no one wants or needs?  (I am aware you CAN buy a typewriter still)

As far as Fluck goes, who is talking about taking the right to contraception away?  We just expect you to pay for it yourself.  Look, if you need contraception for a medical condition, that is one thing.  If not, then it is a recreational drug.  Buy it yourself, yo.  It’s cheap!  Do away with your data plan on your smart phone and you’ll have cash to spare for that contraception.  No biggie.  Oh, and where were all these women for the past decades while men pay more for auto insurance?  I didn’t hear any complaints then (not even from men).

Next, I want to talk about Elizabeth Warren saying that corporations aren’t people, and they aren’t.  They aren’t people in the same way that churches are not people.  Schools are not people.  Families are not people.  Communities are not people.  Towns are not people.  Countries are not people…but they are, aren’t they?  They are made up of people.  As such, what hurts these GROUPS OF PEOPLE actually HURTS PEOPLE.  I know it’s a hard concept to figure out, but give it a try.

And that brings us to Clinton.  Ah, Clinton.   I miss Clinton.  You could send him a bus of well-marbled interns and keep him busy for days.  I wish we could do the same for Obama.  First, Obama is not Clinton.  Clinton moved to the Center after the people slapped him with the 1994 election.  Obama did not.  All Obama did was say he would do what he wants without going through Congress.  For a Constitutional scholar, I guess he missed the whole “separations of powers” thing.  Obama, you can’t do that.  You don’t get to say how the money is spent.  I love these jobs numbers.  We have not added near enough jobs to handle the new people entering the workforce.  As such, that is a net loss of jobs.  If you need 200,000 jobs a month to maintain the employment rate and you only get 100,000, you didn’t gain 100,000, you went down another 100,000 jobs.  Not good.  Clinton argues that the Republicans claim that the Democrats want everyone dependent of government.  Gee golly, I don’t know why you would get that idea after the Democrat National Convention considering how they tell you that the only way anyone succeeds is by government spending and government programs.  Did you notice that?  In the lexicon of the Democrats, only the hand of the Government keeps you from falling into the fiery pits of Hell (or whatever Hell is for them).  Finally, here’s the thing on Obamacare: they put all the popular things in the first 2 years of it.  This is because they need these to get elected.  This law is the hammer to small businesses.  In 2014, the economy will crash and burn if Obamacare is left in place.  Let me also break down a little Constitutional law for ya: Clinton claimed that the Republicans are the ones that caused the debt (Reagan, Bush, and Bush).  Hey, dummy, Presidents are not the ones that do the spending.  That is Congress.  The majority of deficit spending has come at the hands of Democratically controlled Houses.  Fact.  Can’t deny it.  Why is it that the Democrats want me to get felt up before I can fly but think getting an ID is too much to vote?  Also, the Dream Act has caused immigration enforcement to be impossible.  Amazingly, everyone that is caught has said that they came as a young child!  Golly!  That didn’t take long, did it?

Again, how dare you invoke the Founding Fathers!  Nothing in your platform would have ANY support from the Founding Fathers.  You disgust me.

So, in summary: more fear, more bashing, and more class warfare.


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