And society breaksdown

Posted by Troy on 16th July 2013 in Current Events, Political

More than 56% of all people who commit murder in Chicago are under the age of 25.  That should tell you something.  That should tell you how effective our nanny-state, single-parent system is working for us.  This should tell you how the abandonment of religious beliefs are–just ask Nietzsche.  This is what he predicted.  In Florida, a man is being threatened and the President is trying to take way all law-abiding citizens’ guns because he shot someone who was beating the hell outta him.  They will actually use the fact that a man DEFENDED himself as proof that we need to be disarmed!  We have gone through the Looking Glass!  We are in the Rabbit Hole!  Rod Serling rejected this plot because it was too “out there!”

What’s the solution?  Parents teaching kids.  Parents telling the government to keep their nose outta their family’s business.  Teaching kids the value of life.  Teaching kids morals and ethics.  Teaching right and wrong!  We can’t teach the hog trough mentality that is the welfare state.  That is where we are going wrong.  It’s time to get back to the Constitution!

Long Live the Constitution!

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