The Sexual Revolution

Posted by Troy on 23rd October 2011 in Human Nature

Today, I want to talk about sex.

The Sixties started the sexual revolution.  The concept behind the sexual revolution is that the institution of marriage (and lack of birth control) leads to the subjugation of women and the stagnation of people through monogamy. 

This is a lie.  These people’s grand idea for the advancement of mankind is to move towards the behavior of alleycats.  How is this an improvement?  What aspiration could be higher aspiration could there be than to defeat these baser instincts and more towards a more sublime union?  To sacrifice pleasures of the flesh and look towards something greater than the momentary pleasure of sex?

I cannot say that I completely advocate celibacy.  Celibacy was much easier when people were married by age 16.  Now that we are waiting until the mid to late-twenties to get married, it is too much to expect that people will remain celebrate during this time.  What I would advocate is to not have sex with anyone you wouldn’t want to marry.  Bear in mind, pregnancies can result even with protection.  Even if pregnancies are of no concern, promiscuity can lead to STDs.  Once you have one, you will have to explain to the love of your life that you have an STD and hope they stay with you.  Is that really a conversation you want to have?

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