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Posted by Troy on 22nd May 2012 in Human Nature

Today, one of my neighbor’s kids approached me and asked if I would buy her handmade jewelry.  Looking into her box, I found safety pins with beads attached.  I bought two, and she was thrilled.  Naturally, I didn’t need these pins.  I didn’t particularly want them either.  However, I wanted to reward her capitalizing spirit.  She didn’t ask for money from her dad.  She took ten cents (or less) of materials and tried to turn that into a dollar.

I don’t believe in wasting money.  I was raised to believe that you take care of the things you own.  As I always say, if you take care of the things you own, the things you own will take care of you.  You could, naturally, pay someone else to take care of it for you, but this isn’t the same.  You do honor to the object when you take care of it yourself.  You bond with that item, and no one will care as much for your things as you do.  No one else will do as good a job caring for your things as you do.  This excludes things that you have no skill in.  If you need to replace your timing belt and you have no idea about cars, you are probably best off leaving that up to a mechanic, but you could still wash the car yourself.

That being said, when a neighbor’s kid came over and asked to pick up pine cones for $2, I agreed.  It wasn’t out of laziness.  I wanted to foster that enterprising spirit.  A kid that attempts to earn money on their own and does so is more likely to try in the future.  Hopefully this enterprising spirit will stick with them all their lives.

Long Live Capitalisim!

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