Money Does Not Equal Success – My Proof

Posted by Troy on 30th October 2013 in Human Nature

Let us take 2 individuals:

The first man works very hard.  He becomes a billionaire, one of the wealthiest men on the planet.  He marries a beautiful woman and is admired by everyone who knows him.

The second man is a hard working man.  He works two jobs to support his family as best he can.  They never have the best of anything, but they have enough to live.  He breaks his back seven days a week.

So, who is the most successful?

Okay… now let’s change it up just a bit.

The billionaire has two kids.  They are both spoiled derelicts.  While the billionaire is running his charitable foundations, both of his kids are partying.  One dies of an STD and the other of an overdose.

The second man is devoted to his family.  He raised his kids as best he could.  They become honorable people.  One of them actually becomes the President of the United States.

Now…who is the most successful?

Do you doubt, even for one second, that the billionaire wouldn’t trade every dime and his social standing to have his kids back?  To save them from their character flaws?

Money’s nice, but it’s not the most important thing.  Past having what you need, it’s not even that important at all.

Long Live the Constitution!

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