George Washington for President

Posted by Troy on 25th July 2011 in Human Nature

Someone posed that we needed George Washington to arrive again and run for President to save this country.

That leads to a couple of questions.  The first is, would we accept George Washington for President?  Michael Moore and other Leftist seek to discredit the Founders, particularly George Washington who can be looked at as the North Star–constant and indispensable.  In order to completely tear down this country, one must tear down George Washington.  So, that leads the question, could we follow George Washington again?  I say, yes, we can.  George Washington had such a love and devotion to this country that I cannot help but think that we would fall under his spell and follow him.  To some degree, that is what made Reagan such a popular President.  When he spoke, you could tell that Reagan loved America.  It is infectious, and no one had a greater love for this country than George Washington.

That leads to the other question.  Would George Washington have us?  We give up our hard earned freedom with the Patriot Act.  We enact in socialism.  We argue about petty things.  We revel in the trivial.  Our lifestyles are probably abhorrant to someone from 1776.  So, would he take us?  I would like to think that he would look upon us with great sadness, but, like Jesus, believing we are worthy and capable of redemption.  I cannot help but think that his total love and devotion to this country would cause him to lead us again.

But these are fairy tales.  Unlike Britain and Romania and other cultures, we do not have a king that vowed to return again in our hour of need.  Truly, George Washington would never want us to believe that this is the case.  He would want us to know we are on our own and handle our problems ourselves.  We need to start taking care of ourselves on the world stage and in our personal lives as well.

Long Live the Constitution!

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