Charity vs Socialism

Posted by Troy on 22nd August 2012 in Human Nature

People on the Left claim that we need a safety net.  While I personally believe, as a Constitutionalist, that this isn’t an appropriate power of government, most people will agree that we should provide for those less fortunate.  Since I’m outvoted, lets assume you are right.  Now Obama and the Democrats say that the Republicans want to cut benefits to the middle class.

Yes!  We should absolutely cut ALL benefits to the middle class.  By virtue of being middle class, these people can afford the basic necessities of life and have some left over to spend however they see fit.  If they want to do something, they need to allocate their money accordingly.  What they should not do is be able to vote that they can take from the rich just because there is a differential between their income and rich.  This is the difference between providing for the less fortunate and full blown socialism, and the only justification you can have is envy.

We always say that there are excuses for everything.  For instance, we make the argument, “If your family was starving, would you steal to feed them?”  The answer is always yes, but let me ask you a question…would you try maybe ASKING the store for the loaf of bread?  You would find that stealing isn’t necessary.  Most anyone is willing to help someone really in need.  Ask, and you shall receive.

Long Live the Constitution!

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