Because I’m a real man

Posted by Troy on 11th December 2011 in Human Nature

I recently had someone tell me when they were ordering a beer that they would have a stout because they were a real man.

Of course, since I had chosen a different drink, I suppose I could have taken offense at the remark, but my mind doesn’t work that way.

I have heard so many different things like this, “Real men drive stick, real men change their own oil, real men don’t drink light beer,” etc.  Of course, there are so many better criteria for judging the measure of a man.  

A real man shows courage in the face of danger.  A real man admits his general lack of importance.  A real man sacrifices for those things more important than himself.  A real man shows strength to those who threaten him or those he loves.  A real man shows kindness at a hurt child or animal.  A real man keeps an open mind but stands fast to his beliefs and does not abandon them at whim.

Only one thing makes a man, his character.  All else is meaningless.

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