As God Sees You

Posted by Troy on 21st April 2013 in Human Nature

Right now, you are perfect.  Two minutes ago, you could have been in the arms of a prostitute.  You could have killed a man.  You could have done anything.  But, right at this moment, you are perfect.  You could live out your entire life without committing another sin.  That choice is yours.  This is why God forgives because, right now, you are without sin.  This is not meant to excuse whatever you have done wrong.  You must repent, naturally, if you are to change.  Without repentance, there would be no need to change.  However, one must realize that you COULD be without sin to even attempt it.  Live your life with this realization, and apply this realization to others.  You would be amazed at what your life could become.

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