A Call for Forgiveness

Posted by Troy on 24th February 2018 in Current Events, Human Nature

I have been thinking of the Parkland shooting.  We have two people who I have decided to forgive.  I have decided not to address them by name for a variety of reasons.

The first, is the Resource Officer.  It’s easy to judge him.  However, I would like to think that he never thought that he would chicken out like that.  I would like to think that, if you had asked him the day before, he would have said, “If something happens, I’m going to do everything in my power to save those kids.”  However, it’s pretty easy to say that when you’ve never been under fire before.  Maybe we should only take Resource Officers who have had combat experience.  Naturally, he should be fired for doing a crummy job.  However, he has to live with that shame forever.  While seventeen dead is a terrible number, I don’t want it to be eighteen.  I do not wish for him to feel so ashamed that he takes his own life.  And for that reason, I would like people to forgive this man.  He wouldn’t be the only person who was tested and came up short.

The other is the Parkland shooter.  This kid had so many mental problems.  There were so many warning signs.  There were so many people that abused this kid.  There were so many points that he could have been saved, should have been saved.  And at no point, did anyone care to save this kid.  As a result, the blood of those seventeen people is on everybody’s hands.

What I will not forgive is the FBI and Sheriff’s Department.  I cannot forgive the systemic failures that resulted in these needless deaths.

If you ask me, “How can you possibly forgive these people? What if this was your child?”  Yeah, it would be hard.  However, what would Jesus say about the situation?  I think he would say that I should have saved the shooter, thus saving those kids.  Bear in mind, forgiveness does not preclude justice.  However, understanding and temperance must  be used when determining what is just.  Blood for the sake of blood, is not justice.

Long Live the Constitution!

2 Responses to “A Call for Forgiveness”

  1. Karen Says:

    In my opinion, all of these individuals failed miserably and all are equally to blame. Of course, the resource officer should have gone in and done what he was trained to do and with 33 years in law enforcement there should have been NO HESITATION. There’s no room for cowards in law enforcement! Period!!! Other people’s lives depend on it. As for the FBI, they clearly failed and missed the opportunity to head this off before it ever happened. The shooter needed help a long time ago but with the way we deal with mental health in America, it’s no big surprise this happened. Until the mental health crisis is dealt with, things like this will continue to happen over and over again. As for forgiveness, God said we must forgive in order to be forgiven. True forgiveness is hard to do sometimes but it’s Gid’s Law and can’t be debated. I just hope all of the people who failed this time will have learned from their mistakes and not do it again.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    I agree. He cannot be trusted with this duty ever again. However, I do not believe he had evil intent in his heart. He just is not suited for the job, and as a result, more people died than necessary. However, I forgive him and wish him well. I hope that future Resource Officers will be chosen from veterans with combat experience so we can feel secure that they will take appropriate action when duty calls.

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