X-Men First Class

Posted by Troy on 22nd July 2011 in Entertainment

I’ve always been a fan of Marvel comic characters over DC comiccharacters.  Unless things have changed since when I was a kid, DC comic characters were always too perfect and the villains were always one dimensional.  There was just no depth to them.  When Stan Lee was at Marvel, he had a tradition, he would take someone that should be a hero, and then give them just one flaw that makes them become a villain.  The heroes themselves are always flawed as well.  Usually, their character’s alter-egos (Peter Parker instead of Spider-man) were the more interesting characters.  I remember my sister used to read my Spider-man comics.  She would skip over the costumed parts and just read the parts that related to Peter Parker.  One Spider-man writer commented that he had trouble writing Spider-man until he realized that the story really was about Peter Parker who occasionally dressed up as Spider-man and fought crime.

This tradition is maintained in X-Men First Class.  The characters (for the most part) are complex and interesting.  There are several plot lines involved.  Some themes involved are “Which loyalties are strongest?  Family?  Nation?  Country?”, the contrast of Magneto’s vision over Shaw’s, form over substance, and how people are judged unfairly.  IN addition to these strong story-lines, great dialogue, wonderful acting, and excellent fight scenes, the story is just a wonderful way to spend two hours and eleven minutes.  I honestly had little inclination to see this movie, but I now consider it the strongest of all the X-Men franchise.

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