We the Living

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2012 in Entertainment


I am the type of person you would expect to be an Ayn Rand  lover.  As such, I promptly never read her.  I am under the impression that anyone that is hyped never lives up to the hype.  Also, I don’t think her amoral self-aggrandizement suits me.  After great reluctance, I gave her a shot with We the Living.

I stand corrected.

This novel is a great book for anyone to read, particularly anyone that actually thinks communism is a good idea.  It is important to point out that Ayn Rand escaped Soviet Russia, and she apparently has no love for the place, and I can’t blame her.  Soviet Russia seems like a Hell on Earth that sucks the living souls out of people.

I don’t believe she truly believes the “all for me” philosophy that she is accredited with.  Anytime she wanted a character to be liked, she had that character help others.  Whether Ayn Rand admits it, but she buys into the Judea-Christian morality she scoffs.

The novel is not perfect.  I don’t think she quite knows how to write men in the same way that men don’t quite know how to write women.  There are just some flaws on that point.  Also, the end doesn’t quite work if you really sit and think about it.  It is clear she wanted the novel to end a particular way, and so she ended it that way to prove the point she wanted to prove.  Fair enough.

There were parts that made me cry.  There were many memorable quotes as “Never before had life been denied to those still living” and “Life undefeated is possible.”  I won’t spoil it.  You have to read it.

I give it 4/5 stars, and I will probably read more Ayn Rand.

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