The Colony by John Tayman

Posted by Troy on 7th September 2012 in Entertainment

If you know nothing about leprosy and wish to know more, this is a great book.  A little medical science is thrown in, but this is basically about the panic that existed regarding this dreadful disease.  It is every easy to understand why ancient cultures believed that leprosy was God smiting someone.  The disease doesn’t kill you.  It just continues to maim you until you eventually die from complications of one way or another.  It is also a discussion about how people treat those who are inflicted by a plague and makes certain parallels to how people reacted by AIDS patients at the beginning.  It is a story of Hawaiians who were quarantined to a remote stretch of coastline, doomed to stay there until death.  Amazingly, it isn’t a horribly depressing book, which it could have easily turned into.  Give it a read.

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