Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted by Troy on 10th June 2012 in Entertainment

It’s an enjoyable movie, and a nice adaptation of a children’s story for adults.  The effects for the evil queen’s spells and the dark forest are spectacular.  I will say that there are parts where the scripting feels a little forced.  Kristen Stewart does a decent job, but I don’t believe she will ever be known as a great actress.  However, Charlize Theron does a marvelous job.  I don’t know what it is about her, but she is able to portray the most horrible characters (Monster, Young Adult, and this movie) and make you really feel just sorry for them.

Again, this movie will not change your perception on life, but it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time.  There is some excellent action and wonderful visual effects.  I take off a few points for dialogue.

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  1. Ley Kelly Says:

    Well, it doesn’t hurt that she (Charlize) is gooorgeous!! What sold this movie for me was her spectacular wardrobe changes!!!! My fave was her all black feather gown with plunging neckline that she wore at the end. ;)

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