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The premise of this movie is that a young man in the modern age watches old television shows because he is comforted by how “perfect” everything was in the 50′s.  He and his sister are magically transported to the world represented by 1950′s television.  The sister pretty much immediately starts having casual sex with the boys.  This makes them become imperfect, but they go from black and white into color.  Of course, the townspeople freak out about the “coloreds” and start draconian measures to stifle all freedoms.  Eventually, everyone realize how silly they have been and embrace modern ideals.

It is clear that this movie attacks traditional views of the family and society.  I would question, however, how intelligent it is to do so.  First of all, I have never been a fan of the “sexual revolution.”  How has the sexual revolution made us any stronger of a people?  As best as I can tell, its thought process has left a wake of single mothers struggling to get by, a lack of male involvement from these casual affairs (why would a man stick around just because of the baby?), the leading cause of death for pregnant women is now murder (why would a man want to pay child support after all?), and it has weakened marriage by putting too much emphasis on the excitement of sex which should naturally diminish and be replaced by a stronger love and devotion to the spouse and (if God allows) the children.  The concept that having sex will make you into someone interesting or of any worth is laughable.  It will do no such thing.  It will mean you have had sex.  Dogs do it all the time, and I have yet to have an interesting conversation with a single one.  If the most interesting thing about you is that you’ve had sex, you are probably the most boring person on the planet.

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our way.  I look at how men are depicted in shows and movies form the past, and I realize that I am little more than a man child.  To hear the older generation talk, they went to work, came home, and worked on the house or the car or whatever needed fixing.  Now we expect to have fun every day and every weekend.  It’s an unreasonable expectation, and it’s pretty much responsible for why most people are in debt.

I also disapprove of how the the movie depicts the 50′s as being some kind of cultural wasteland.  The fact of the matter is that there has always been art, music, and other creative works throughout history.  Since man first walked the Earth, we figured out how to entertain ourselves and create.  This is part of the reason why they say that we are created in God’s image, as only God can create.  As far as we know, we are the only creature who has this ability.  I am sure that the 50′s had art and music and variety as well.  However, we were not as divided back then.  Now, we have been so cut up and patched together, and they mock us by telling us that we should come together when they were the ones that tore us in twain to begin with.

Of course, the teenagers are the heroes in the movie.  Leftist always exalt the youth and tell them how important they are and how they are the only ones that can fix society.  This is because teens are easy to mislead–easy to fool.  The fact of the matter is that adults have always been smarter and wiser than teenagers.  They always have been, and they always will be.  This is because adults have had to work.  They have had to get along in the real world.  They understand how things work.  Teenagers can be convinced that Socialism is great…because they have never had to work for their living.  They have never had to give up doing something they wanted to do because 25% of their paycheck is taken from them before they even spend a dime.

In fairness, the movie’s gimmick of seeing stark perfection disintegrate to be replaced by a more colorful imperfection is interesting, but you really have to be a Leftist, ignorant of underlying message, or able to put aside your own beliefs to enjoy this movie.  There are some people who will love this movie.  Perhaps I’m just over thinking things again.

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