Oz the Great and Powerful

Posted by Troy on 16th March 2013 in Entertainment

When I first heard they were making another Wizard of Oz movie, I thought they were insane.  Then I saw the trailer, and I knew I had to see it.  This movie is graphically stunning, and Disney really understands 3D like no body else.  I’m not a huge fan of Sam Rami (thinking that the Amazing Spider-man reboot was much better than the first Spider-man), but he was a perfect choice for this one.  The characterization was excellent.  There were some good plot twists that fit seamlessly in with the original.  They managed to make the villain sympathetic.  There were numerous laugh out loud parts.  The whole thing was rather clever.  It moved at a brisk pace and you don’t even notice two hours passing.  As an added bonus, there were children in the audience who never once cried out and laughed throughout as the movie held their interest for the entire period.  I cannot recommend this movie enough!  While I’m a huge fan of 3D, I will admit that there are parts which could give someone motion sickness if they are prone to such things.  If you have no such problems, I urge you to splurge for 3D!

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