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Posted by Troy on 19th October 2012 in Entertainment

I heard a radio talk show host today in Atlanta.  I can’t spell his last name, and I don’t particularly want to give him free press.  He mocked the Libertarian and Constitutional parties and being ridiculous as supporting a baseball team in the World Series that had already been eliminated.  Oddly, he then told a Liberal that spending their vote on the Green Party was better spent than voting for Obama.  In other words, he is a hypocrite.

I would like to see the third party debate, but they are putting it on at the same time as the Obama and Romney debate.  However, if you’re interested:


That being said, yes, you should vote for someone that actually stands a chance.  Remember, Ron Paul is a Republican and a Libertarian.  I personally believe that the Green Party should be a subset of the Democratic Party and should fight it out in the primary.  The same can be said for Constitutionalist and Libertarians in the Republican primaries.  Currently, the movements give them zero chance as a third party in a national election.  The movements should work in local or Congressional seats and build from there.

That being said, the current Republican and Democratic parties are far from the Constitution.  It used to be that the Libertarians were as well.  They were for the blanket legalization of everything.  The current incarnation of the Libertarian (at least at the national level) is really just the belief in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.

The other issue I had with Michael M. was a caller called in to say that the National Defense Act and the Patriot Act were bigger threats than the fiscal cliff.  I agree.  I would rather be a dirt poor nation living under the Constitution full of our liberties and freedoms than living in the most powerful police state in the world.

Long Live the Constitution!

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