Hunger Games

Posted by Troy on 30th March 2012 in Entertainment

Finally, a movie that lived up to its hype.

Unlike the other book series, which will remain nameless, this series appears to actually have very good plot and character development.  While there there a couple of “Say what?” moments in the movie (the biggest one being why anyone would form an alliance in a last man standing competition…particularly with the strongest guy on the field), it was a very well crafted story.

I don’t believe there is a cohesive political statement.  I would argue that it is merely a commentary of how human nature can degenerate to its baser instincts.  There is also some social commentary much in the way of the Time Machine by H.G. Wells, which was a populous book about the rich living off the poor until the poor (Morlocks) rise up and eat the rich.  Likewise, the rich in the capital city take great delight in watching the children of the poor battle to the death for their amusement.

Cliche message aside, Hunger Games is an excellent story and very entertaining.

The only question I have is…do we really need bio-engineered killer wasps?

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