Feminism & Beyonce

Posted by Troy on 25th August 2014 in Current Events, Entertainment

Everyone is talking about Beyonce and the VMAs.  Naturally, she is an entertainer.  Reading too much into her is silly.  However, Beyonce wanted to make sure that everyone KNOWS she is a feminist…while she undulates like a stripper for the entertainment of everyone.  Of course, strippers do it in clubs where little kids can’t see.  Wait, are strippers morally superior to Beyonce?  Maybe.

I guess the real question is: “What is a feminist?”  I think that this question has gotten muddied.  I suppose that the current definition is someone that 1) is pro-choice (most important, any other belief pattern automatically makes you  a misogynist), 2) votes Democrat exclusively, and 3) believes in forcing legislation to get what they want.

Once upon a time, “feminist” used to mean something.  Women weren’t ALLOWED to do anything.  They received little respect.  Their mental faculties were questioned.  I would argue that a true feminist is one that wishes to change society’s perception into believing that women are just as capable as men.

What has feminism come to today?  A slathering voting block that equates women’s rights to abortion and free birth control.  We consider empowerment to be strutting on-stage wearing next to nothing.  Once upon a time, we’d call that a sex-slave, using their body to entertain men (I’m assuming that more men enjoy seeing Beyonce half-naked).  Freedom comes down to choices.  Being able to make your own choices.  That, indeed, includes what you wear and how you present yourself.  But why on earth would you wish to be seen as a slut?  And then get offended that people think you are a slut?  If you dress like a thug, people will think you are a thug.  If you dress like a slut, people will think you are a slut.  If I don a white hood, you’ll think I’m a member of the KKK.  If I wear a white coat and a stethoscope, you will think I’m a doctor.

The sad thing is that so many young women have swallowed this hook, line, and sinker.  Someone once said, “More men would act like gentlemen if more women acted liked ladies.”  Of course, that is third party thinking that I don’t approve of (that your actions are a direct result of someone else).  However, men would respect you (and other women for that matter), if you act respectfully and DEMAND to be respected.  Not demand by ranting and raving.  Demanding is done by only giving your notice, your very attention, to someone.  If someone doesn’t give you respect, they should be beneath your notice.  And that goes for men too.  I long for a day when people act respectfully.  When people stop going to Wal-mart in pajamas.  When they speak correctly.  When they don’t hoot and holler like screeching howler monkeys.  I hate concerts and sports events because of this.  I look around and think to myself: “You are adults.  Act with some dignity!”

If you wish to take issue with what I say, I leave you with this: Beyonce has degraded herself.  She must have little belief in her abilities as a singer.  Here’s a question…do you think Adel would ever perform as Beyonce does?  Adel doesn’t have to.  She can sell out tickets based on her music and talent alone.  There are plenty of attractive singers out there that do not act like this.  How long would Beyonce’s career last if she just got up there and sang like a country singer?  She’s a good singer, but her career would fold if she did.  It is a sad commentary on pop culture.

Long Live the Constitution!

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