Communist Manifesto

Posted by Troy on 28th July 2012 in Entertainment

I’m calling this entertainment because it’s a total joke.  Bear in mind, this is the same work that has inspired many loonies to go on killing sprees and for some of the most murderous and tyrannical governments to be formed.  While this books is pretty much pure trash, it is a worthy read so that you can see just how stupid this theory is.  Also, you will see the dangers between the modern Left and where it will inevitably lead.

First of all, the thing that I will always remember from this book will be Carl Marx’s allegation that that bourgeoisie is just interested in money and wife swapping.  Wife swapping?!  Ha ha ha!!!!  That’s your intellectual argument, huh?  Diggin’ deep!  Next is the allegation that capitalism leads to a lack of individuality.  What the hell planet is he living on?  There is no country on the face of the planet more diverse than America.  We have so many different types of interests, clothing, foods, books, movies, and on and on and on!  Then there is the argument that capitalism destroys the family.  What?  communism destroys the family.  In capitalist societies, families must remain close because your family IS your safety net.  There is no government handout.  If you lose your job, you have to turn to friends and family to help you.  As such, you would tend to be nicer to such people.  He also never says what they will replace capitalism with.  Not really.  They say that the State would take over the means of production, but it would stand to reason that the State would have to have a similar way of doing business if we are going to continue hiring as many people.  Also, he claims that capitalism merely pays enough to keep you alive.  What do communists pay exactly?  Do you see a bunch of mansions in communist countries?  They seem pretty good at paying the bare minimum.  Isn’t that their creed?  We’ll give you what you need as long as you do as you’re told?

Next, I would like to destroy the entire premise of his work.  We’ve seen what Communism is, and we can draw some conclusions here.  First, his premise is that the history of the world comes down to the haves and the have-nots.  It is a battle between rich and poor.  He is wrong.  It isn’t about the rich and the poor.  Money is only an indicator.  He comes closer when he says it’s between the oppressed and the oppressor.  He just incorrectly links it to money.  No, it comes down to power.  All of nature comes down to this.  The powerful will do what it takes to secure more for themselves.  Money is just an indicator of the end result of a difference in power.  That brings me to the second point.  If he was right, communist countries would not have rich people.  They would have a uniform level of wealth.  Instead, what we see is that the political class is the oppressor and lives in opulence.  Of course, a lot of communists would point out that these mansions and fine clothes and food and whatever is paid for by the State and is owned by the State, and as such, there are not rich.  Ha.  No, rights to use the property is the same as owning the property.  Don’t be stupid.  If I let you live in a mansion and drive a Lamborgini, I think you’d take the deal, right?

So now we have to deal with the modern day communist.  These are people who refuse to see the truth.  They claim the past communist countries weren’t really communists, that they perverted communism to their own ends.  They just don’t see that it’s just about power, and that is the truth since the beginning of time.

The other reason you should read this book is the discussion on Socialism which Marx said would lead to Communism, and they are right.  Just look at our system.  We no long aid the poor.  In the real historical sense, you should be unable to afford shelter and three meals a day to be considered poor.  Notice, I said “shelter,” not a house.  I’m including slums here.  The historical precedence for being poor is that you can’t afford these two things.  Instead, we give people money that can afford TV, cable, electricity (honestly here), telephone service, cell phones, Nikes, Doritos and Coke (instead of eggs and potatoes here…damn cheap stuff), and a whole bunch of stuff that you could do without.  As we’ve done this, we’ve created a permanent pool of leeches that will never do anything more than just exist.  We’ve also made it impossible to take away any of these entitlements without them rioting.  As we’ve expanded these system of permanent leeches, we’ve increased the number of rioters.  Great.  As more people are on the toll, more people choose to be on the toll.  Also, we continue to expand what it means to be poor.  Now it’s not just you can’t eat, it’s if you can’t afford a damn smartphone.  So, as this system grows and grows, the terror that is communism lies around the  corner.  Sadly, this permanent underclass is not the most educated in the world.  They can fall prey to the pied piper that is Carl Marx.

Long Live the Constitution!

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