Agenda 21

Posted by Troy on 7th December 2012 in Entertainment

Today, I am reviewing the latest Glenn Beck book (written by someone else-a ghost writer).

First I will review the book as is.  The book is effective insofar as describing the death of the human spirit at the hands of government.  However, if it is to deal with the dangers of Agenda 21 (a real thing), I would have appreciated a more in depth discussion of actual, proposed Agenda 21 regulations.  There is a lot of redundancy in the book, and the same lines are repeated often.  This gets a little annoying.  The author describes the boredom of their lives over and over again, which in turn is pretty boring.  This is kinda by design though.  Finally, the main problem I have is that there is very little logical reasons for why the people act they way they do.  It feels like all the characters are irrational.  Sadly, I think that the only people that would enjoy this book are those who already know and hate Agenda 21.

Second, Glenn Beck totally ripped me off.  I sent him a copy of 2084: The Search for Love, Hope, and Faith in June 2011.  Here are the list of similarities between the two books that I found:

1 – Squirrels are protected animals in both books.

2-  There is no God/religion in either book.

3 – Both involve a third party acting as a link to the past: the mother in his book and Moses in my book.

4 – People are forced to live in tiny living quarters.

5 – The government keeps everyone under constant surveillance.

6 – Parent’s do not raise their kids in either book.

7 – Freedom is killed in both books by a series of laws that slowly obliterate freedom.

8 – The food only comes from the government.

9 – Government controls the people through food and energy.

10 – There are no property rights or private property.

11 – Citizens must obey or are killed.

12 – There are no elections.

13 – Money has been eliminated (cash and wealth in mine, all money in his).

14 – The preamble of the Constitution has been perverted.

15 – Both praise and mourn the loss of the Founding Fathers.

16 – Both involve revisionist history to suit the government’s needs.

17 – In order to keep their babies, both heroines have to escape.

18 – Paper (books, etc) are confiscated and forced to be recycled due to environmental concerns.

19 – A dust to dawn sleeping pattern is enforced to save energy.

20 – There are no guns in the hands of the citizens.

21 – There are themes of the hope in the free at heart vs the hopelessness in the other citizens.

22 – The majority of citizens are zombified.

23 – Both heroes find a weapon that was hidden by their link to the past.

24 – The government keeps detailed records of all citizens and their locations and activities.

25 – In both books, love grants the courage to break the law.

26 – According to the government, prior to the adoption of the current regime, people were enslaved by the capitalists.

27 – Both books agree that there is a coordinated effort by global socialists to take over everything.

28 – There is an organized resistance in both books.

29 – The members of the resistance is shot.

30 – Both George and Lizzie are history buffs, but they only know the lies the government told them.

31 – In both books, breaking the rules makes people special/different.

32 – Both describe those forces destroying freedom as evil.

33 – Both describe the destruction of hope for the entire population.

34 – In both books, the heroes are forced to kill to be free.

35 – In the afterward, Glenn Beck describes many policies as mentioned in 2084.

Let me be clear, I do not accuse Glenn Beck of plagiarism.  His book lacks any use of hedonism as a control mechanism which is heavily used in my book.  I believe he liked the concept of my book but found some of the sexual content too much for his audience and commissioned this  book which is more friendly to his target audience.

Needless to say, I would recommend 2084 instead.

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