1984 – George Orwell

Posted by Troy on 23rd March 2012 in Entertainment

One of the pillars of totalitarian government’s is 1984.  The novel discusses a totalitarian government which takes control of its citizens by fear, force, and surveillance.  The famous phrase from the book is “Big Brother is watching you.”  Of course, this is the same Big Brother anti-government types call out.

Given my own anti-government bent, you would probably suspect that I would be a raving fan of this book, but I am not.  Honestly, the book is hopeless and depressive.  While that is realistic, it doesn’t make for a good story.  I wanted my own book, 2084 to convey a similar message, but be more up lifting at the same time.  I never really cared for 1984.  The characters are unsympathetic and the plot is dark and hopeless.  I understand that George Orwell was trying to show the degenerates that such a society would create and was trying to show people the danger of letting such a society come into being, but it detracts from the story itself.

1984 is an important book, and it is one that everyone should read.  However, do not harbor any illusions that you are going to be entertained.  It is going to be a slugfest to read, and when you get to the end, be prepared for the hollow, empty feeling that you get when you realize there is no hope.

For a more hopeful dystopian adventure, check out 2084: The Search for Love, Hope and Faith!  Eh, I couldn’t resist.

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