Zimmerman Case

Posted by Troy on 29th May 2013 in Current Events

It would appear that the judge is trying to engineer a particular verdict.  He has disallowed Trayvon’s phone records showing him discussing fighting and smoking pot and other nefarious activities.  Why was it ruled out?  Because it’s irrelevant.  Okay…so how is it irrelevant to know that someone who was involved in a physical confrontation that resulted in his death made a habit of physical confrontations?  Quick question…if Zimmerman’s cell phone had text messages using the term “n—-r” in a racist and derogatory manner…do you think this same judge would have allowed it or called it irrelevant?  The jury deserves to see all the evidence that might shed light on it.  Convicting a man on incomplete evidence is not justice.

Long Live the Constitution!

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