Why Obama deserves to lose

Posted by Troy on 17th September 2012 in Current Events

GM is alive, Osama is dead.

1) GM is alive, but only because they have been effectively subsidized by the taxpayers.  Owners of GM wish to buy back their stock, but the government won’t let them.  Government Motors is killing them, but Obama is unwilling to take billions of loss in an election year.  So they are alive…but they would have been alive anyway if they had been allowed to go through the bankruptcy process.  It would have hurt the labor unions though, and that’s where it is.

2) Osama is dead.  Yep, but hell, time would have handled that for us for free.  Romney was criticized for saying that getting him wasn’t worth moving heavens and earth to get him.  So here’s a question.  Osama is dead.  Kidney failure would have gotten him anyway.  Was it worth a trillion dollars and thousands of dead soldiers to get him?  Which would you rather have?  Besides, anyone would have ordered that raid.  Sorry.

3) Current estimates are that we will have 9.5% unemployment next year.

4)  $4.00 gas is here.

5) After apologizing to all of the Middle East, we are slowly getting kicked out and murdered over there.  Nice.

6)  He was supposed to unify us but has divided us.  Particularly, he wants to divide us by class, and that is unAmerican and socialist.  There, I said it.  Enjoy.

7)  We will be downgraded to AA- .  Yey!

8)  He has tripled the money supply and is about to give us more of it.

9)  He has sold out our national security and the security of our allies.

10)  He’s inept.  Just inept.  Domestic policy?  FAIL.  Foreign Policy?  FAIL.  The only thing he does well is having the media spin for him.  Past that, he’s a paper tiger.

Long Live the Constitution!

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