Why Hillary?

Posted by Troy on 17th April 2014 in Current Events

We’re still over two years away, but the Left is already psyched (and the Right, scared) for Hillary Clinton to run.  This leads me to ask…why?

Why on Earth?  Please do answer the question without using the words “Bill Clinton.”  Her one signature achievement seems to be that she married a man that cheated on her constantly.

Wait, isn’t the Left for strong women that don’t put up with that bullshit?  Yeah, but we’re talkin’ about Bill.  Oh, then we can dig it.  Or maybe this is the Left that doesn’t believe in traditional marriage.  Either or.

Regardless, this is the same person that came up with a health care bill that was far crazier than Obamacare.  She has no success stories as Secretary of State.  In fact, it would appear that we have become less respected during her tenure.  Conceivably, you might could say we are more liked, but I would always rather our country be respected than liked.

I just don’t get it.  Oh, well, I mean, she is totally a Marxist, so I can understand why the Left ringleaders do love her.  However, as far as the drone masses go, I seriously think it’s “She’s the second coming of Bill!”  Shake my head, yo.

Long Live the Constitution!

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