Terrorism Center at West Point Targets Right Wing Extremist

Posted by Troy on 19th January 2013 in Current Events

Who is a right wing extremist?  Well, hate groups, those who promote individual rights, and those that want limited government.  You can tell a lot by their terminology.  They think that the left is progressive, moving forward.  Meanwhile, those right-wing groups are regressive, moving backwards.  Nevermind that most bombings and other attacks are either lone nuts, left wing groups, or Muslim extremists.  Here is the fact: those who believe in Constitutional, limited government, will not enact change by terrorism.  They will do it by voting.  Revolution, fist in the air, tactics are done by young people who have been taken over by Leftists, Communists, Anarchists, or Fascists.  These are the people that say, “voting doesn’t work.”  If voting doesn’t work, what’s left?

Long Live the Constitution!


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