Peppered Protesters

Posted by Troy on 22nd November 2011 in Current Events

Everyone’s all upset that the cops sprayed the protesters.  Let me tell you something, when dealing with Leftists, you have to ask yourself “What happened right before the clip they’re showing me?”  Remember, the communists want to tear down the system by “Any means possible.”  The fact of the matter is that the cops tore down the tents and were trying to leave.  The protesters surrounded them.  The cops told them to let them through or they were going to get sprayed.  They then sat down and prepared to be sprayed as they knew they could put it on YouTube and idiots would see it and take their side.  You’re being mislead.  Be careful around these people.

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  1. olddirtyb Says:

    Are you talking about this?

    I absolutely oppose-hate all non letal weapons, used by police. This includes, bats, spray, tasers, you name it. It is way to subjective, on whether it is really necessary, and gives police way to much leg room, to say, “Eh fuck it, I will just spray them” To me, there should be only one line of thinking for police. Do I need to fire my weapon-gun? Which means, is my life or someone else life in immediate danger, and the only way to preserve my life or someone else, is by discharging my weapon.

    The more power we give the government to control the populous, the less power we have to fight them when tyranny reigns.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    In theory, I am all for non-lethal weapons. However, in practice, I agree with you. It makes it too easy for the cop to decide to use force, and these things are vastly overused. In Quitman, GA, a copy tasered a 70 year old, and the man died. I don’t mind if it was some punk and he was being an actual threat, but there is no reason to taser a 70 year old. As you said, the cop said, “Hell, it won’t kill him, and it’s easier.” Based on how those morons were acting before the cops sprayed them, the cops were okay to draw their weapons, but this is exactly the stuff the Leftists want. They actually don’t mind if some of them are shot and killed. “By any means necessary.”

  3. Troy Troy Says:

    That is the clip that I’m talking about. I don’t know if they tried or not, but the cops should have tried to get gone after the idiots sat down to be sprayed. Assuming that they tried to leave, and the group (or others behind them if you notice the large crowd) still wouldn’t allow the cops to leave, then I have no problem spraying them. It’s just a setup by a bunch of leftist to look like they are being oppressed. On your point, however, if the cops pulled their guns, it is more than likely that they would have just let the cops go…or we would have had a lot of dead students and some dead cops. Either or, but the students got what they wanted, a video to show them being oppressed (after some editing to remove the content that shows them begging to be sprayed, of course).

  4. olddirtyb Says:

    GC had an incident where a guy posted a sign illegally in his yard. Then the code officer called the police, because the owner was being yelling at the code officer for pulling up the sign.

    Anyways, results in a police standoff at the guy’s home, who refuses to come out, because he says he believe he hasnt done anything wrong. Makes the mistake of stepping outside, and is shot dead.

    Now, was this necessary to escalate to this level. Nope, a ticket should just be mailed to him a week later. He probably would have paid it, and that would have been the end of it. Instead, the police showed up at this residence, the situation escalated from there.

    I imagine a similar, lets just think outside the box for a minute, could produce a method of dealing with the students without the drama.

  5. olddirtyb Says:

    Here is one of excess force.

  6. Troy Troy Says:

    I agree on the mailing of the ticket. However, there’s not a similar out for the cops in this instance (assuming that they continued to block the exit of the cops) unless you wanted to heli-lift them out, which would have been ridiculous. Imagine if you went to a party, and people encircled you and would not let you leave (even if they weren’t touching you). Eventually, you’d probably opt to hit someone to free yourself from the situation.

    In the case you mention, the man isn’t hurting anything. He’s in his house, the sign is off the property, who the hell cares? Move on.

    There was a similar case in Brantley County, Georgia as well. Too much watching COPS on TV and movies showing that cops should automatically draw and fire without thinking.

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