Ohio to repeal public worker union bargaining bill

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2011 in Current Events


What the?!

Read through the basic principles of this bill.  As a taxpayer, how can you be against this?  Basically, it bases pay on merit, not seniority.  It limits some of the juicy benefits that public employees have been negotiating for themselves in some states.  Need I point out that currently employees in the public sector are currently making twice what private sector counterparts make?  Forcing non-union workers to pay into a system they don’t approve of is downright un-American, especially when they know their dues are going toward buying off politicians of an ideology they oppose.

Finally, unions are supposed to protect against bad employers.  Are we saying our governments are bad employers?  If so, should do a better job at elections.  Also, the state and federal government are supposed to provide essential services such as police, primary education, and firefighters.  How can any of these be allowed to go on strike?

If the law is overturned, I will view it as a sign of the incredible strength of these extremely Leftist organizations and the general dumbing down of the American citizen.  We can’t allow ourselves to become too stupid to vote like they are in Greece.

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Bigphildog Says:

    I always hear about public sector are currently making twice what the private sector counterparts make? I want to address this misrepresentation of data. Lies, lies, and then there is statistics right?

    First being, what is the counterpart of a firefighter? Or, the counter part to the Sheriff, or a probate court? Now, you can say the sectary of the sheriff as compared to a sectary at a law firm. But, not every position in the public sector, has a equivalent in the private sector. Which makes this assumption relative to what they are comparing to?

    Second, no public sector employee, either elected or appointed makes as much an executive of a Fortune 500.

    Third, this is not true across the board. Maybe on the Federal level, it holds more weight, but as a local government employee, I can say 100%, I am underpaid for all the responsibilities I have at my job. My job search to explore other employment opportunities, led me to this conclusion, that I am about 20-30 percent lower than my counter part in the private sector. I can also, say that an accountant with my organization starts out in the mid 30′s, and maxes in the mid 40′s. Which, is lower than the private sector. The Finance director, makes about 90k max. Which may be more online with a partner at CPA firm makes, maybe lower, but no way more than twice.

    With that out of the way, I believe, unions should be outlawed in the public sector. And, the government should have 0 regulation of unions in the private sector.

  2. Bigphildog Says:

    Let them re-appeal it. The state will just have to raise taxes to pay for whatever demands these public unions demand……lawlz…..

  3. Troy Troy Says:

    You raise some very good points about that statistic. There’s a lot of non-comparable jobs. I think what they may be talking about is in California lifeguards are making over a hundred thousand (with seniority etc). I know they are also taking into account the present value of pension plans (NY cops retire on full pay etc). However, the finer mechanics of the statistic are unknown to me. Here again, if I quote a source like that, I should know the finer points of the details. I will refrain from using it in the future, as such.

    I just cannot understand the mentality of Ohio-ans. I bet they are going to be pissed when they have to raise taxes. It sounds like we agree substantively at any rate. Especially with the circle jerk that goes from Union dues to Democrats to more “benefits” for union workers, Unions have NO place in the public sector.

    I will quibble on private sector unions on one point: Those that affect US security or the full economy. My dad worked for Bellsouth. When they striked, the President could end the strike and mediate the agreement because of what a shut down of the phone service meant to the economy and security at large. In this regard, I can understand a limited involvment, but for all other unions (cars etc) I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Bigphildog Says:

    I did not take into account my pension. That may very well be something I have in the public sector, that the private sector does not. Think my pension has an optional to pay into to increase the benefit, if not, after 30 yrs, retire with 40% of base pay, or something to that effect.

    Which is probably a better deal than private sector, which most make you pay into.

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