Obama Saves the World

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2014 in Current Events

With a stroke of the pen, he has cut the emissions from coal power plants by 30%, thus saving the world from the catastrophe of global warming.  It is amazing that he can develop new technologies just by signing his name!  Remember how he said that his plan would necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket?  Yeah, that didn’t get enough press time, did it?  So now that he’s trying to sell us on it, he is telling us that it is going to make electricity cheaper.  Amazing!  It will increase the costs to power companies, but it is going to end up saving us money.  Seriously, this is how stupid the man thinks you are.

Our economy contracted last quarter.  Why?  The bitter cold.  It hurt that much when power was cheaper.  What will happen if power is more expensive?  We are going to burden our businesses with even more additional costs during a recession?  What will happen is that even more manufacturing jobs will close down and move to India and China, which have way worse pollution standards.  As such, these standards will only increase our unemployment, increase global pollution, and make destructive powers like China richer, feeding their military.  Does this really sound like a great idea?

Long Live the Constitution!

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